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Vincent is the...worst gift giver. Seriously.

Ellana Lavellan A scripted card and box of tea along with a tea cup with lid

Reno Scripted card, and a 6 pack of high-class dark-brew beer

Cloud Strife Scripted card, a box of tea, and a tea cup with lid and infuser

Sephiroth Scripted card, as well as a hefty-envelope, with a note on it. “When and if you are ready, read this. Files here on Crystallis can tell us our past and futures, but I felt you might appreciate reading it from someone who was there. I will answer what questions you have as best I can, when and if you ask.” Inside is notes—as much as possible from Vincent's memory—of a first and account of the time at Nibelheim supervising the Jenova Project. Almost like a military briefing, but with more details and impressions about the people working on it, its goals, etc.

Lucrecia Crescent An invitation, almost a twin to hers for a 'picnic'. When she arrives, he's in what is his 'Library' uniform, but also has an old style record player with him. If she consents, he'll mention he has...learned since before. Would she like to dance? The piece that would play is this song

Ramza Beoulve Scripted Card, along with a white rose. Attached to it is a “Thank You" note for watching over Yuffie. and the explanation that she was known as the White Rose of Wutai. (In case he didn't know.)

Ryoji Kaji Scripted Card, and a tea cup with lid and infuser

Rialynn Kollmann Scripted Card, along with a notebook of blank sheet music, and a book of classical musical scores.

Albel Nox Scripted Card. Actual Text-- besides season's greetings. “Your friendship is an honor to have, and be found worthy of. Thank you.” (Ophelia will also point out, via Mogdelina, that Vincent really agonized, and couldn't think of what Albel might actually want, material-wise.)

Sheena Fujibayashi Scripted Card, and as they work together he'll drop the “Miss” except for rare times he might tease her (in which case she is Miss Fujibayashi.)

Jade Curtiss Scripted Card, a tea cup with lid and infuser, and a note mentioning that Jade has carte blanche to ask Vincent questions about the Jenova Project and ShinRa, if he'd like.

Ophelia'd give out her own gifts of books of stories to her friends and kupo-nut cookies.

Vincent would also visit the Crystallized Heroes Wing at the Hospital:

Flowers are left at the following Hero's statues: Terra Branford, Aerith Gainsborough, Tifa Lockheart.

At the statues of Elena (the one Vincent knew) , and the AU-Yuna, flowers are left along with a spent bullet shell.

A spent bullet shell is left at Barret Wallace's statue.

Yuffie Kisaragi's statue has a single white rose left, along with a cup of tea.

Flowers are left at Zelda's grave-site and memorial as well.
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This is just to mark things that are good opportunities for either hand-wavy CR (message me and we'll get on the same page?) or that will show up in a post every now and then, for day-to-day life in Melodies.

Day job )

Remembering the fallen )

Storytime )
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Vincent doesn't really do gifts; not much one for celebrating things. He's...making an effort though, to learn.

Yuffie: Stuffed Moogle and an oversized, really soft, red-throw-blanket.
Terra: Journal featuring pressed-flowers on the cover.
Sephiroth: Card, hand-made and tasteful, wishing him well and thanking him for his aid.
Cloud: Card, hand-made, wishing him well and thanking him for his advice.
Tifa: Card, hand-made, wishing her a pleasant celebration, and an offer for dinner that he'll cook.
Reno: Card, hand-made, wishing him well.
Au!Yuna: A hand-made card, and hand-written notes on the care and anatomy of a basic pistol-firearm.
Zelda: A hand-made card, and a new journal featuring gold-leaf on the front, along with a new fountain pen.
MarKus Haley: Card, hand-made, thanking him for his work. Also a diagram and anatomy of firearms, along with notes--obviously hand-written. I'm sure you could figure this out, but it might help make it easier. --Vincent.
Albel Nox: A hand-made card, simple and wishing him well.
Sheena Fujibayashi: A hand-made card, wishing her well, along with a small coupon. One shift's worth of him not calling her 'miss'.

Ophelia's including some gifts of her own to Terra, Sephiroth, Zelda, and Yuffie. She's also including some gifts to Spencer, Tempest, Mogdelina, Kopula, Mooshoo, and Annie. To the humans--a small card and star-light ornament (hand-made). Spencer and Annie both receive a small journal and set of nice fountain pens, Kopula receives a new cape, Tempest a new scarf in blue and green, Mogdelina receives a small book of supernatural-romance stories, and Mooshoo receives a new messenger bag. Spencer, Mooshoo, Mogdelina, and Tempest also all get hugs.
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Name:Vincent Valentine
Age: 58 (looks 27)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"/184 cm (That's what the official posts say. The measurements do not line up as exactly.)
Bloodtype: A
Birthday: October 13th (1950)
Canon: Final Fantasy 7
Canon Point: Main-Game, just BEFORE the final final final descent into the Northern Cave, after they've all taken time to think about why they're doing this.
Link to Application:

Moogle Name: Ophelia
Moogle Gender: Female, who’s given to dreamy and poetic views of things, and not afraid of the dark. She wears a long dark red scarf around her neck.

Jobs: Archer/Red Mage
Limit Break: Chaos--Vincent shape-shifts into a winged (and horned) demon, but it’s a berserker mode until all enemies are dead, or he is. His Defense and Magic-Defense increase by 100%. Chaos has two different attacks: “Chaos Saber” which is a physical attack for 2.5 times normal damage against all enemies. “Satan Slam” Kills all enemies instantly, or, if enemies are immune to death, does 6.875 times normal damage to all enemies.

Housing: A09 (Vincent Valentine)(Lucrecia Crescent)

Primary job: Gunner MAX
Initial: Gun Mage Allows to shoot spells and magics from the secondary Job with a firearm.
Initial: Duel Wield Allows to wear two guns or a gun and another weapon.
One Month: Charge Shot Focus to double the power of the next attack.
Two Months: Status Bullet Shoots bullets that may inflict either Blind, Silence or Sleep status ailments.
Four Months: Trigger Happy Shoots in rapid succession regardless of ammo, but requires a downtime.
Six Months: Scattershot Shoots all enemies at once regardless of gun type.
Nine Months: Burst Shot Shoots explosive bullets at the enemies.
One Year: Ribbon Automatic immunity against all status ailments except Death.
??????????????: Death Penalty Each shot has a 75% chance of instantly killing the target (except bosses).

Secondary job: Ninja MAX
Initial: Transience Evades an attack and counterattacks.
One Month: Shunshin Drastically raises speed and agility for five minutes.
Two Months: Clone Creates an perfect copy to fight alongside or instead of you.
Four Months: Ninjutsu Casts a fire, water, thunder or ice attack to all enemies (mild).
Six Months: Throw Throws spare weapons at the enemy (x2 damages).
Nine Months: Smoke Bomb Disappears in a cloud of smoke and appears elsewhere (50 foot radius).
One Year: Ceiling Walking Allows to hold on to the ceiling and walk on it to an extent.
Invisibility Crystal: Stealth Turns invisible.

Held in Reserve:
Note: Freelancer--two months
Onion Knight
One Job: Job Master Expands the Job limit from five to ten.
Three Jobs: Multi-Exp Stored Jobs receive 1/4 of exp even when unequipped.

Red Mage MAX
Initial: Black--Fire, Blizzard, Water, Thunder (Elemental attack spells (weak).
Initial: White--Cure (Heals minor wounds.)
One Month: Esuna Cures status ailments.
Two Months: Bio Attack spell (may inflict poison).
Three Months: Fira, Blizzara, Watera, Thundara Elemental attack spells (mid)
Four Months: Cura Heals Mid Wounds
Six Months: Holy Light, Dark Cloud Mid elemental attack spells (light and dark)
Nine Months:In The Red Increases attack power the weaker the character is.
One Year: Dual CastAllows to cast two spells back-to-back.

Archer Level 1 (Wields Crossbow)
Initial: Aim Increases eyesight and accuracy to sniper levels (five minutes)
One Month: Barrage Allows to chain-shoot arrows.

Programmer lvl 3
Initial: Code Master Visualizes coding line into concrete images.
One Month: Scan Gets detailed files and data about enemies or people encountered.
Two Months: Attack Routine Inputs a program that materializes and deals damages to the enemy.
Three Months: Healing Program Inputs a program that materializes and moderately heals an ally.

Time Mage: lvl 3
Initial: Slow Halves the passage of time for the target, effectively lowering their speed.
One Month: Haste Doubles the passage of time for the target, effectively boosting their speed.
Two Months: Flash Allows the character to quickly appear and disappear.
Three Months: Demi Inflicts damages equal to 25% of the enemy's current health.

Appearance notes:
Even though Vincent is dressed in a blend reflecting his jobs, Ophelia has helped him retain his gauntlet that covers his left arm, along with his red cloak and headband from his 'freelancer' appearance.


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